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First, something funny: A Chinese teacher told me today that I look Korean. Really? I think she mixed up her countries.

I tried to find a tailor during my lunch break. I have a couple of pants that need to be brought in at the waist. I went to a woman who has already made two suits for another foreign teacher. She came highly recommended. Turns out she only makes clothes from scratch and cannot or will not make alterations. I had to call a Chinese teacher from the English department to translate over the phone because neither the tailor nor I could understand but a few words that the other was saying. She was kind and offered me water anyway.

Luckily, another Chinese teacher needed to get a pair of pants altered too, so she and third teacher took me to a different tailor close by who mainly does alterations. We found this woman down a tiny dark alleyway off of a street that I’ve been down several times already. I would never have guessed that a shop even existed back there. Well, it’s less a shop and more a hallway; it’s a narrow space that’s open on both ends.

In addition to the two pairs of pants, I brought my teddy bear that I’ve slept with virtually every night since it was given to me at age 1. His name is Stars Teddy and he used to glow in the dark and have a hat and lace ruffles. I’ve wanted new clothes for him for a few years, but haven’t gotten around to making them for him. Now that his left arm is falling off for the second time, I decided enough is enough. He’s getting a Chinese makeover.  The tailor agreed to fix him up along with the pants. In 24 hours, my pants will be ready for pick-up and Stars Teddy’s arm will be secured back to his torso. I told her I’d bring him back with enough fabric for his new outfit. Now, where to find the fabric? Even my Chinese companions weren’t sure. Maybe the original tailor?

While we were out, I picked up a few things like oranges, chopsticks, and a white kind of pear that I’ve never seen before. I’ll let you know how it tastes.

Also, here’s a little puppy I saw while shopping. The owner tried to sell him to me.
Puppy dog for sale