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I took these photos of my kids in the last few days of Fall. They were racing each other to me. The recurring hand at the bottom of the photos is mine. They weren’t allowed to turn back before giving me a slap.



The next photos are from Robin’s 6th birthday party! Robin is the adorable boy sitting behind the cake.

Below, I’m eating cake with Sandy. I started putting frosting on my face because Sandy was looking a little blue and I thought it might cheer her up. It did. Once the other kids saw what was going on, it was a matter of seconds before the whole class was parading around with frosting-faces. I found this very amusing, but the aunties didn’t.ImageImage

Here’s Robin making his birthday wish or showing reverence to the cake gods.


Best buddies get a picture together.


And now, the rest of the class in groups of 4-5. This is what happens at every birthday.


I love how well the personalities show in these photos. The very stiff kid on the far right (John) is always serious. He’s quicker than most of his classmates and he knows it. The kid on the far left with his arms crossed (Jimmy) is never serious. He fancies himself an action hero.


Sigh…I miss these kids so much!