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There’s a new restaurant/bar in town very close to where I live called Oasis. The owner had a birthday party a few weeks ago and I took pictures. Here are some of the faces I see regularly.

Well…except for this guy. I don’t know who he is. He stepped up to sing a song with the band when the mic opened up.Image

April. She owns an Italian restaurant. A lovely lady.Image

Looks like a friendly conversation at the bar.Image

The many teeth of T-Rex.Image

Vanessa and B.Image

Tim and his Movember ‘stache.Image

Frank and Car.Image

Nicko on lead guitar and vocals.Image

Miguel and Patch. Guitar and Drums. Patch always looks this serious.Image

Nick in action.Image

Jamal, the birthday boy.Image

Vanessa joins the band for a song.Image

More Nick in action.Image

More Vanessa in action.Image