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Just as it started to cool off in Foshan, friends of mine treated me and Sean to a Saturday out in the countryside of Nanhai, a district of Foshan. The occasion was a relative’s birthday lunch at a friend’s restaurant. It took us an hour to drive from Sean’s apartment, which is already in Nanhai, to the outskirts where the restaurant is.

This is the road along which the restaurant sprawls.Image

These are the many buildings that make up the restaurant complex, which is a string of private dining rooms and kitchens that surround a lake.ImageImageImage

This is the entrance to our dining room.Image

The family! The woman partially hidden in the back is the birthday girl. The two boys in the front are Tommy and Big John.Image

The meal! Long Life Noodles are in the center. The blushing bread rolls are a special birthday boazi. On the right of the birthday boazi are pastel colored chips made from shrimp shells. The dish on the left of the baozi has camel hump meat in it.


After lunch, the owner of the restaurant suggested that we all take a trip to an island close by. Why not? I’m glad we did.

Here we are, pulling onto the ferry.ImageImageImage

Once on the island, it was a quick drive to another friend’s country house.ImageImage

Big John. He’s got the best smile in the world!Image

I played with this little guy for a while at the house.Image

I wanted to play with this dog too, but he was asleep the whole time. Can you see him? The image on top is a second exposure of a vine growing in a window of the house.Image

After taking a tour of the house, drinking tea, eating bananas from the trees in the yard, and playing with the dog, we decided to take a tour of the island.

We discovered a craft school and this knitting class in the park nearby.Image

The knitting teacher gave me a coaster!Image

The boys tried out the seesaw.ImageImageImage

We passed this dog. I was told he will be eaten because he’s that kind of dog. Apparently, there are two kinds of dogs here–those you keep as pets, and those you keep to eat. There are even different names for the two classes. I think it’s based on breed, but I’m not entirely sure. After explaining this to me, my friends invited me to eat dog with them the following weekend. That’s for another post.Image

At the end of our tour, we stopped by the street market while we waited for the return ferry to arrive.Image

These are some interesting fish. I think they live in mud because they were barely submerged in water. Image

These are my favorite variety of banana and they’re grown all over this island. They’re called fen jiao.ImageImage

Back on the ferry to the mainland. It was a wonderful Sunday. ImageImage