I love birthdays in kindergarten! Everyone’s happy, you get to sing happy birthday twice–once in English and once in Chinese, you eat lots of cake (the auntie’s always give me a humongous piece) and get a goodie-bag when you leave, you take tons of pictures, and that last lesson you planned…what lesson?

I developed severe food allergies to wheat and dairy at an early age, so I never celebrated my birthday at school and a certainly never took part in others’. My tolerance for those foods is much greater today, so I get an especially big kick out of participating in birthdays at my school now.

Here are some photos from Hilary’s birthday last month:

There she is! The big 0-6! What a sweet girl.


Group by group, all of her friends came up to take pictures with her and the cake.


Blowing out the candles.


Ha! Look at all the frosting on her face.