On August 11, I hopped on a sleeper train to Beijing to meet my family–brother, Mom, and Dad–for a much anticipated three week vacation in China. The ride, which started in Guangzhou, took a total of 21 hours, which can be dreadful unless you book a deluxe sleeper ticket like I did. I didn’t mean to travel so luxuriously, but no more than a few hours after the government had released the tickets to the public had all the seats been taken except for the most expensive ones. This deluxe sleeper cost me just as much as a plane ticket! Anyway, it was nice. I had my own bathroom complete with nice smells, and toiletry and vanity kits; a lounge chair; and fake flowers on the table. to add to the pleasure, I had the compartment to myself for the first twelve hours and as soon as someone else arrived, I went to sleep.