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Here are three photos I took last time I went to a local porridge house. (You might remember the first time I blogged about it here.)

I thought this pot of jasmine tea looked so elegant.Image

The bao (buns) were shaped like fat rabbits with pink eyes. We ordered pigs last time that were more intricately designed and much cuter. The important thing, however, was that they tasted just as good. Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you what was inside: Barbecued pork fat…with a little bit of meat. So delicious. Image

The primary reason for coming back to this restaurant was to try their snake porridge. I convinced a couple other people to come along with me for a taste. The pink strips of meat are the snake. We paid extra to have the skin included.Image

My verdict: I prefer the snake around my neck to in my bowl. The meat was so tough it was impossible to chew, and the ratio of meet to rib bone was so poor that after one or two bites, we gave up on it altogether. If I ever decide to try snake meat again, I’ll make sure to order a fatty to see if I can avoid more of the bones. As for that restaurant…I’ll come back to try the duck tongue.

I met a man last weekend who makes his own rice alcohol. He’s got a bottle with a cobra in it that he’s been saving for ten years…I wonder if it’s time to pop it open? I didn’t like eating snake, but drinking snake alcohol sounds totally cool.