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One overcast morning several weeks ago, my kids were particularly distracted during morning courtyard exercises by the unusual number of dragonflies in the air. By around 3pm that afternoon, the air was so thick with giant dragonflies that several classes, including mine, stopped lessons to go outside and play in the swarm. I remember the air having a yellow hue, but it isn’t apparent in the pictures.


I really wish the dragonflies had shown up better in the pictures, because this just doesn’t do it justice. There were thousands! Anyway, here’s the best shot I got.


One of my fellow teachers was wringing her hands all day because she was sure this was a sign that an earthquake was coming. To support her argument, she told me that frogs fell from the sky just before the 2008 earthquake in Szechuan Province. The earthquake was real and so were the frogs…whether they fell from the sky or not…perhaps that wasn’t an important detail. Anyway, the earthquake never came. Hooray!