Several weeks ago, the primary school put on a midterm talent show for the students and faculty. Since I teach a few classes at the primary school, I was invited to watch the show. I was lucky enough to see the first bit of it before I had to return to my kindergarten classes. Here are some pics that I caught before and during the performances.

There were two MCs for the event–one lady, one gent. Here’s the lady preparing her note cards. That neon “11” pinned on her hip means that she was also a performer in the show. Image

This guy was too hot to handle. “1” means he rocked the stage. Also, like a true rock star, he wore lipstick and blush.Image

Isn’t she lovely? It’s a shame I didn’t get to see her performance. Image

I didn’t get to see these girls perform either, but I got to see plenty of their costumes. They ran back and forth every five minutes! Urgent business. Image

This little guy had just hatched out of a Robin’s egg. ImageThose kids in the background are my first graders.

This is what the assembly hall looked like once all the kids were packed inside.Image

The first act: The Rock Star and his protégés, only one of whom is in the picture. Image

I caught someone peeking through the backstage curtains.Image

Here’s the second MC, looking handsome in his coattails. He had great presence on stage.Image

Number 7 played the recorder, a fine instrument. Image

These two swans did a lovely dance number.Image

Here’s our lady MC again…she’s a pianist! I was really impressed by her poise. Image

I don’t even…This guy’s costume was a bit small on him (see the zipper splitting on his pants?). I wonder on how many occasions he’d worn if before this? I really wish I could’ve seen him on stage! I heard rumor of a salsa dance performance in the latter half of the show and wondered if he was in it. Another foreign teacher was telling me about the salsa teacher and how impressed she was with his hip flexibility. Image

This coming Saturday, the kindergarteners will put on a fashion show with clothing made from recycled items. I’ve been watching my five-year-olds practice their catwalk struts and I gotta tell you–I’m impressed. These Chinese kids really know how to work a stage.