Remember that inky soup I told you about here? Rachel used her translator and was able to tell me that it’s made from black sesame paste! Now that I know, the taste makes sense to me. I knew I recognized the flavor, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was or where I recognized it from. The lighter soup on the upper-right corner of the tray had sweet potatoes and other root vegetables in it. I didn’t get to try the lighter soup on the bottom-center of the tray, so I can’t tell you what it tasted like. I’ll definitely be going back to that place, though. I’ll try to remember to order it next time.



A second course of pickled eggs.



Here are the chefs behind the food and directly in front of the bar where you order. These guys not only cook the food, but also take the orders, serve the food, and handle the money as well. Nobody’s afraid of germ contamination from the money, apparently. That includes me. I really liked the transparency of the food preparation process there. What you saw is what you got.