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More photos!!

Here’s me in a park. These pants make me look like I gained ten pounds. Don’t judge me.


Me and Rachel in a park.


Me and Rachel’s cousin (Western name: Sintsia–I know, never heard of it) in a park. Image

The following are photos are of the model village representing traditional Chinese architecture that Rachel, Sintsia and I visited a couple weekends ago. I wrote about it in this post.


Those are jugs of wine on the table. You can’t see it from this view, but the walls were lined with shelves of the same kind of jug. There’s a liquor that is very popular in China called baijiu (pronounced bye-jo). “Bai” means clear/white/plain and “jiu” means alcohol. In the South, it’s usually made from rice. I tried it and it tastes like mineral spirits. I didn’t ask, but I assume those jugs were supposed to be filled with baijiu.


This last one is of the hospital I went to. So, I took this picture of a statue of a woman and her baby knowing that I was at the hospital, but spent the entire time in the hospital wondering why there were so many babies. I must have left my thinking cap at home.