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There’s a giant water boiler in the school’s kitchen that the staff use to disinfect their eating bowls. I noticed that in the mornings, the other Chinese teachers (not in the English department, the ones that spend the day caring for and disciplining the kindergarteners) bring in giant metal pots with spouts and fill them with the boiled water for the kids to drink during snack time. (So they DO drink water!!!) I immediately made up my mind to buy one for myself! It would be perfect! I could fill it up every evening at dinner and leave it on my balcony to cool overnight, and I would have enough free, potable water to last me for the day! Maybe two!

I marched down to the business street market, did some comparison-shopping, and purchased a good-looking one. I was so proud of myself. I was hoping it would make me look a little more Chinese.

Nope. When I brought it back to the school and proudly toted it to the canteen with me, Anna, the Chinese teacher who likes vampires, asked me “Why so big?” I told her it’s supposed to hold my drinking water for one day and she gave me a funny look. “Why you drink so much water?”

Freaky moment of the day: A middle-aged woman saw me coming around the bend and stopped to gawk at me in the most obvious way. Her original trajectory had her walking down the same street in the opposite direction, so toward me.  After I passed her where she froze in place as if I were Medusa and she were my victim turned to stone, she looped around and followed me for about a hundred feet. In other instances when passersby have stared at me, I’ve sensed strong curiosity. This particular instance made me very uneasy. This lady was giving off all kinds of bad vibes. I felt like she was trying to chase me out.  I told Renae (foreign teacher) about what happened to me and she exclaimed that she had a similar experience with a middle-aged woman in Foshan. I wonder if it was the same one.

One my way back from the market through Foshan University, I heard someone playing drums in a practice room next to the campus road. I approached to hear more. Now I have a new friend: Li Wen Diao. He wants to improve his English and I want to improve my Mandarin, so we shall pursue a language exchange!

I slept terribly on Sunday night. As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s finally hot here, and boy is it hot. No Spring. Just Winter to Summer. I saw a bit of blue sky for the first time! And sunshine too!!!  With hot weather comes mosquitoes. One little devil sneaked into my room and buzzed around my face all night when he wasn’t biting the hell outta me. I spent the night swatting him away and sweating profusely because I attempted to thwart his efforts by covering myself from head to toe in a heavy comforter. I have an AC unit in my room but I didn’t know how to turn it on at that point and hadn’t needed it until recently. I woke up with welts on my face and body. My bottom lip was swollen on the left side. I looked like the Elephant Man. Time to get a net for the bed.