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Monday was my first day of teaching!

It went really well. I only had classes in the kindergarten; I’ll teach the first and second graders every Tuesday through Friday. The kids are sweet, goofy, and down for a good time. It’s my job to play with them, basically. In English, of course. Overall, great success!!!

I bought a mosquito net for my bed! It’s huge and yellow, and so is my bed! I feel like a princess in it, especially since it’s trimmed in sparkly lace. I also found my sleeping mask again, so I slept like a rock last night.

The water pot is serving me very well, thank you everyone.

That’s pretty much my news for Monday. I apologize for the lack of photos. I’ve been taking some with my little toy Superheadz camera which is not digital, so it’ll be a while before those go up.

Thanks for all the love and support you’ve been showing me!!!