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Last night I ate dinner at a noodle place owned by a very sweet and friendly Muslim family. The grandchild–a baby girl who the other teachers call “Little Boss”–walks around and tries to sit in everyone’s lap. They make the noodles from scratch in front of the restaurant! I pulled a point-n-order because I figured everything would be good. I got rice! Probably the only non-noodle option on the menu! It was delicious anyway.

Noodle-making action

After dinner, I walked around the business street for a bit just to look around. Here are a few of the things I saw:

Fruits and Veggies

Chopping block

I also bought a teacup! And a desk lamp to warm up the room. Bit by bit, this room is becoming MY room. I’ve got to figure out how to tackle the cold though because at the moment, I’m sleeping with gloves on. It’s the rainy season here, which means that it mists all day and all night. The air is so humid that even my bedsheets are damp. I’m never completely dry and neither are my clothes. I can’t wait until the summer weather comes.