Walmart, clearly.

I ventured out alone today with the help of a hand-drawn map by another foreign teacher. There were some basics that I needed to buy, things like towels, tissues (so necessary because public restrooms don’t provide toilet paper and restaurants don’t provide napkins), hangers, etc. After some encouragement and a bit of brainwashing, the other teachers convinced me to go to Walmart. I KNOW, I know…I hated me too. Just minutes prior to getting on a bus headed straight to Walmart, I vowed to never step within 100 feet of the place even though there are four in Foshan alone because, you know, I didn’t come all the way to China to find a piece of home, and my least favorite piece at that. They convinced me that for now, and only now, it might be best to take it easy on myself and get all my necessities taken care of in one place. Plus, it’s so close and easy to get to, I would get a chance to get familiar with the bus route, there’s a really nice park across the street…

So, I caved. Here’s a picture of the outside. Views of the inside are to come. Even for a Walmart, it was pretty Chinese. Also, it had two levels, maybe three. I’m not sure because I got a little lost.