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Across the street from the Walmart is a giant park that I was so happy to find. I took a long walk around and took a few pictures so you can see what it looks like. I didn’t take any photos of people because I didn’t want to be offensive, but they were the most interesting and pleasant part of the whole park experience. At one place, a row of open concrete huts lined the pathway. Each one was full of people playing card games. Exciting card games. They were screaming, slamming cards down on the table, making bets. I asked if I could watch a game, which pleased everyone. They tried their hardest to get me to join the game and were sad when I left.

I drank a lot of coffee before heading out on my errand run/city exploration, so by this time, I had to pee like the dickens. I kept seeing signs that said “Emergency Toilets,” but they gave no indication as to where the toilets were located. They’d be planted in the middle of bushes with no buildings in sight. No arrows, nothing. I tried asking a few strangers, but couldn’t get my point across well enough (although I tried, believe me), so I ended up just finding the bathroom–AT LAST–on my own. This was my first squatter toilet experience. The ladies’ bathroom was surprisingly clean, especially for a park. By the way, none of the public restrooms have soap at the sinks either.

Speaking of toilets, the one in my apartment is completely backed up. Some pelicans store food in a pouch and then hurl it up later to feed their young. My toilet does a similar trick. For three days now, it’s been doing just fine, or so I thought. Turns out, it was saving everything for a grand surprise this morning. I told the other teachers that my toilet was backed up and they said the same thing happened to them when they first arrived. It took weeks for someone to come out and fix it. Since then, they’ve stopped flushing toilet paper and haven’t had a problem since. Three weeks is long time to have a guy come over and snake a toilet, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought rubber gloves.

Let me just tell you…I HAVE BEEN IN SOME SHITTY SITUATIONS BEFORE (such as the time I fell into a New York City dumpster with two feet of garbage juice at the bottom), but this was up at the top of those experiences I would prefer to forget. (So why am I immortalizing it on the internet? For you entertainment, of course!)

The conclusion of the story is that my efforts were a failure. The toilet is still backed up. The plumber is supposed to come tomorrow. I hope he shows up.