I think it’s finally sinking in because I’ve been sighing all day!

I have a few stitches in my upper back from last week’s biopsy. I was supposed to get them out this morning, but decided it would be better to wait a few more days and ask the doctor on-site at the school in Foshan to take them out instead. My nurse called me after I’d already left Asheville to tell me that she wanted to give me a present. That made me feel really special. I guess Mom and Dad will have to send it to me or save it for when I come back to the US. She’s the best nurse I’ve ever had.

My flight leaves at 9:25 am tomorrow morning from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, which is 2.5 hours away from Asheville, so Mom booked us a room for the night. She also did some research and discovered that the Mint Museum in Uptown is open late on Tuesdays and was having a surrealist fashion show and art exhibit this evening. AND it was free. So we drove to town this afternoon to catch it. We had a blast! We got front-row seats and two glasses of red-wine for the fashion show. The exhibit was called Fairytales, Fantasy, and Fear. My kinda stuff.

Mom and I are now lying in our respective beds in our hotel room. I’m exhausted and sad.

Almost there…