During the night or when nobody’s home, Yao Ming compulsively drags around clothes and other things made of cloth. He favors some very special (handmade, irreplaceable) pillows my parents brought back from Peru and leaves little bite marks in them. He’s such a turd that way. Also, he doesn’t just drag these things around aimlessly. They all end up on the living room rug. I’ve spent years trying to figure out what he’s trying to tell us.

Early this morning, Yao broke the code and dragged one of these pillows into my bedroom. He laid it down just past the door frame. It’s good to know he’s gonna me miss me too!

My visa and passport came in the mail today!!!

Mom and I went to Mamacita’s (best Mexican in town) for an enormous pulled-pork burrito (Asheville style) and pesto quesadilla. I’ve been saying all my goodbyes through food because I’m suddenly aware that I won’t find pulled pork or burritos in China.

We stayed up late to watch a few episodes of Portlandia with a cat in each lap and Fairytale tea.