Yao Ming

This is my cat. His name is Yao Ming, after the Chinese basketball player.
I’ve been spending a lot of time with him lately since I know that I’ll be moving to China (Foshan City) in less than a week.

I’ve been allergic to cats for the last 5 years, so I don’t usually let my cats into my bedroom and try to stay clear of them altogether, which has caused me a lot of grief because I really love them. But, I’ve made an exception for this big ol’ slug because I’m feeling sentimental. He sleeps on my bed now.

There are pros and cons to this arrangement…

1. I am trapped in the same position all night because he weighs a ton and doesn’t like to move.
2. My bed is covered in cat fur.

1. He purrs me to sleep and keeps the bed warm.
2. While I sleep, he divulges to me all the secrets of China. Little treasures stored in folds of my brain to surface at convenient moments in the future.